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Hello 👋

I am passionate about software engineering

I have been engaged in software development professionally for over a decade, but the origin of when I started working with computers lies far further back than that. It has been a live long dedication to this hobby and profession that brought me to my current self. For me, software development is about:

  • Working with great people
  • Inspiring others
  • Finding the best solutions
  • Being humble
  • Having fun
  • Being kind

People are the most important asset to a company and the interaction between them fundamentally shapes the culture, motivation and passion of every person in that company. I like to build environments in which diverse opinions are encouraged, mistakes are embraced and not time tracking, but the quality and impact of the solutions are the measurement of success. Working at 6Wunderkinder, Microsoft and Pitch has allowed me to collaborate with the best people in the industry and gain vast experience in the field of engineering and social interaction.

If you are looking for someone to help you build an API or system that can scale to levels of 30+ million users, then look no further. I am specialised in building scalable systems with Amazon Web Services and PostgreSQL, using any programming language (though I prefer Clojure). I have also built two billing systems completely from scratch, using Adyen and Stripe.


Companies I worked for

During the last decade I have been working at several well-known companies on a multitude of projects

2010 - 2015

Working on Wunderlist 1 - 3 and Wunderkit
Acquired by Microsoft in 2015

2015 - 2019

Worked on the successor of Wunderlist, Microsoft To-Do. Integrated To-Do with various services such as Cortana to allow every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more

2019 - Present

At Pitch we build presentation software that helps teams build better presentations: collaboratively, effectively, and beautifully.

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