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Welcome, I am Dennis

I like to code, think and execute


I am passionate about
software engineering

I love software engineering and have been working in the software industry for over a decade. I have been working for companies such as 6Wunderkinder, Microsoft and Pitch.

I love VIM, Linux, Web and Game Development and all things low-level. My favorite programming languages are Python, Clojure and Rust. I enjoy to work in teams and with a diverse set of people. Empathy, passion and kindness are at the heart of my core values.

I have specialized deep knowledge in API development, Clojure, PostgreSQL and Billing Systems.


Companies I worked for

During the last decade I have been working at several well-known companies on a multitude of projects

2010 - 2015

Working on Wunderlist 1 - 3 and Wunderkit
Acquired by Microsoft in 2015

2015 - 2019

Worked on the successor of Wunderlist, called Microsoft To-Do.
Integrated To-Do with various services such as Cortana to allow every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more

2019 - Present

At Pitch we build presentation software that helps teams build better presentations: collaboratively, effectively, and beautifully.