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Jeff Haynie, the CEO of Appcelerator, told us at the Wunderland event last week that there will be a first Titanium Studio release “within the next few days”. He kept his word 😉 a preview version was released yesterday.

I already downloaded it and had a look at it. The IDE is based on Aptana Studio (which has recently been bought by Appcelerator). Aptana itself is based on Eclipse. I must admit that I am not a fan of non-native IDEs (anymore) as they are a bit slow and lack the responsiveness and feeling of native IDEs. Nevertheless it’s an awesome IDE for developing software based on Appcelerator’s technology, Titanium. The IDE has the following features so far:

  • iOS and Android debugging
  • Code completion for Titanium Mobile SDK methods
  • Run, Deploy and Package Titanium Mobile and Titanium Desktop Applications
  • Full-featured HTML, JS, CSS, Ruby, PHP, and Python editing support
  • FTP/SFTP/FTPS/Capistrano deployment options
  • Integrated Git Support
  • Integrated Terminal
  • Fully scriptable and customizable

You can have a look at the official blog post. There is also a video about the IDE which shows some basic stuff.

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